Almond Cow - DIY Nut Milk Machine

Most people know that dairy milk  can be highly inflammatory, our lactase enzyme (that gives us the ability to properly digest lactose, the sugar in milk) diminishes incrementally each year after we are 2 years old. Even if you do digest dairy well, dairy milk can be full of hormones and antibiotics and has the most sugar of any dairy product, without the beneficial fermentation properties that come with yogurt or kefir.

A great alternative to dairy milk is nut, seed or oat milk. However, many store-bought versions contain gums and lecithins and artificial sweeteners, all of which can be just as inflammatory as dairy! Even those labeled as "health food products" at the grocery store usually contain multiple processed ingredients, take a look next time and you'll see. This is why I've started making my own non-dairy milk. Also, it's way cheaper than buying it at the store plus you can be CREATIVE! I love mixing different nuts, adding a date for natural sugar, or adding coconut or vanilla extract and yummy spices like cinnamon and cardamom!

The Almond Cow machine makes it SO easy to make your own non-dairy milk. It takes about 1 minute total and cleanup takes about 30 seconds. I have tried making my own non-dairy milk with the traditional bag method. However, in all honesty, it was way too time consuming and I therefore did not do it on a regular basis and resorted to highly processed store-bought almond milk. The Almond Cow has been a real GAME CHANGER for me and will really help me detox my life in a delicious and simple way!

You can use code PRESS15 to save $15 on your own Almond Cow here (PLUS you will save tons of $$ down the line by making your own plant milk!)

Plant milk has become a part of my weekly meal prep! See below: