Paleovalley Products

I love all of the Paleovalley products because they are all made from completely paleo food. Even if you do not eat a paleo diet this means there are no junky fillers that our ancestors would not have used. It also means that these are all made from real whole foods and the best quality at that! I personally swear by their grass-fed beef sticks, pasture-raised turkey sticks and even their superfood bars (and I usually stay away from packaged bars). I also love adding their greens powder to things for extra nutrients since they stay away from some of the harder to digest "cereal" grasses that are commonly in other products but are full of anti-inflammatory compounds and nutrients!

They have been nice enough to give me a 30% off code to use myself and share with my followers and clients. This code is not commission based but I want all of you to be able to enjoy these quality foods at a lower price! Use code PRESS30 to save 30% off anything on their website!

Click here to order your Paleo Valley goods and use code PRESS30 to save 30%!

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