Silver Fern Probiotics & Multivitamins

First of all, why use a probiotic period? Long story short, they help nurture the "good bacteria" in our gut and kill off the "bad bacteria". This helps manage digestion, metabolism, immune system, mood, energy levels, glycemic control and more! My favorite is Silver Fern. You can use code PRESSSTART at checkout to save money on your own! You can also get it on Amazon HERE.

Now, why use Silver Fern Brand? Not all probiotics are created equal. The reason I love and trust Silver Fern Brand is because they are DNA verified for survivability! This sounds super fancy and confusing but I'll explain what it means. Many probiotic supplements are actually dead on the shelf (or will die soon) and this actually has no benefit to us so we end up paying a bunch of money for no benefit. Silver Fern uses 3rd party testing to guarantee 100% survivability of their strains, meaning it WILL have an impact on your body. Additionally, 90% of probiotics contain bacterial strains not listed on the bottle. If the brand is not DNA verified, they can do this, and this means, we have no idea what we are getting. Finally, Silver Fern uses powerful, multifunctional bacterial strains. It doesn't necessarily use MORE different strains since more isn't always better. Since these strains are DNA tested, they are actually effective. A lot of other brands use more different strains that are not DNA tested and this can a gimmick to get the consumer to think they are getting a better product.

Silver Fern also makes multivitamins and more. This brand is quality and you can use my discount PRESSSTART on anything from them!