Here are what a few people who have worked with me in the past/present have to say about their experience:


Alison, Private Equity Controller, New York, NY

When I approached Charlotte for counseling I was pretty sure I was about to waste my time and money. I am what I would describe a totally average weight – not skinny but not HEAVY either. I got married in September of 2015 and got down to what was probably the ideal weight for my body but I definitely didn’t do it the right way. As soon as I went “off” my wedding diet, the unwanted weight came back slowly but surely.

I had been to nutritionists before and while I had learned some easy recipes and interesting facts, their inability or unwillingness to customize their approach towards me was discouraging.  Working 60+ hours a week in an intense environment and wanting to spend the little free time I have with my husband, family, and friends enjoying all there is to do (and eat and drink!) here in NYC is my reality. Cooking 100% of my meals, following a strict meal plan, or using meal replacement shakes were simply unrealistic solutions. I remember this one woman telling me to have a shake for dinner and then go sit with my friends and watch them eat – this was her real solution as to how I could look and feel how I wanted but still go out and be social …

Enter Charlotte. Both Emory Alumni and coworkers from Charlotte’s past life as an accountant, I knew Charlotte walked the walk of living a healthy life. Insanely fit and full of energy, I couldn’t help but want to work with her when I saw she was ditching the spreadsheets for superfoods! In addition to creating interesting and informative lessons tailored specifically for me, she provided me with some make-ahead recipes that I try to make on #mealprepsunday, created some to-go and semi-prepared options for when I really don’t have time or when I am stuck at work, and useful guidelines for eating out.

Charlotte helped me begin to shape a lifestyle I am proud of instead of designing an overly strict unsustainable diet that I would inevitably get sick of and quit. She is upbeat, kind, passionate, and encouraging. I highly recommend working with her!


alison - marketing Executive, new york, ny

I consider myself a pretty healthy and fit person but was plateauing and didn't know what to do, I also had my wedding coming up and didn't want to stave myself and be unhealthy. I saw a girlfriend over 4th of July weekend in a 2 piece and had to know what she was doing to look SO good and incredibly fit. I asked her what she was doing and she told me about Charlotte. I was skeptical at first, to be honest, as I felt like I could figure it out myself but decided to give it a try.

Charlotte doesn't send you what most people do such as eat a lean protein for lunch with veggies. She sends you customized recipes for every meal with your food preferences. One of the things I liked about Charlotte is that she had lived in NYC before so understood the struggles about small kitchens and limited grocery store options as well as the time struggle as we all work so much here and don't have a lot of free time to meal prep.

Charlotte taught me about portion sizes, the best food to make you full, good and easy travel snacks to pack to keep you on target and about nutrition misconceptions. Also, the recipes and dishes are easy to make and my husband, who is a meat and potatoes, kind of guy loves the food too! I learned about all these great substitutes to cook with and I was able to bake a lot, which, I love. She is great at making healthy food taste delicious and has so many recipes you will never get bored with eating too much of the same thing! But if you don't mind eating a lot of the same you can too as I do.

Charlotte's program is about healthy changes to your lifestyle long-term that are easy to keep up with. Know that if you follow her guidance you WILL get leaner and more toned but it's not an overnight change as she does it a healthy way so the weight won't come back. It's truly a lifestyle change. Stick to the program and you WILL see results. Charlotte is there along the way to help you and answer your questions. Once you get the hang of the program it's easy to maintian and I have started to now create my own recipes with the tools from Charlotte. Bottom line, it's the BEST decision you will make in your wellness journey!



I have struggled with size all my life and I have tried many different programs to get a grip. Many of the programs gave me quick results but they were not long-term results. One program focused mainly on supplements that where meant to help my workouts but simply put those only helped in a psychological way. It was not until I started training at RPM and working with Charlotte that I was able to see long-term results. The best thing about working with Charlotte has to be learning how to eat. I know that sounds like something people would say in general but I totally mean it. If it weren’t for the meal plans and recipes I was given I would have never learned how to maintain my progress. I started working with Charlotte and RPM [seven months ago] and since then I have lost 41+ pounds and lost 5.7% body fat along with gaining muscle. Of all my programs I have tried, working with Charlotte and RPM has been the only program that I have seen true results. If you have struggled with weight and knowing how to eat clean then this is the program for you.  



As an adult with food allergies, I found myself at a loss. Being allergic to so many things meant I was missing key ingredients for a healthy diet, and I had no idea what I should be eating. Working with Charlotte has been amazing. Not only did she break down for me the kinds of foods I could and should be eating within my parameters, she provided easy recipes for me that my whole family loves. Thanks to our sessions, I am eating a healthy, well balanced diet!



When I first heard about Charlotte's services I was so eager to meet her. Although I worked out 6 times a week and ate very healthy, I've always struggled with my weight and I knew I needed to make a change. From my first meeting with Charlotte, I was so thrilled with my decision to work with her. She has taught me so much about nutrition, and she has really instilled in me the importance of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I've also become much smarter about my eating. She's taught me specific tips that have transformed my daily diet.

Charlotte is also so easy to communicate with, she always made herself available to meet me in person when I was in town visiting my family, but I was able to meet with her more frequently by scheduling phone calls to discuss my meal plans and nutrition lessons. It was so nice to text her when I have a quick question if I was out for dinner, or was in need of a last minute snack. After a quick text, I could feel confident that I was making the healthiest, best choice for my body. After working with Charlotte my measurements and body fat percentage have decreased. I am stronger and have much more endurance in my workouts, and I feel more energetic on a daily basis.


Nicky, teacher - new york city, NY

Working with Charlotte has been the best thing for my body- physically and emotionally. Charlotte is extremely knowledgable in nutrition and I now know more about my body and the foods I put into it than ever before. She is ALWAYS available for questions on text and e-mail. She also welcomes pictures of your meal prep or recipes and always replies cheerfully. Charlotte’s cookbooks have a chockfull of healthy recipes that are nutritious and seriously yum. After each session with Charlotte, be it a phone call or video chat, I felt ready to try to implement or be more conscious of whatever that session’s topic was. Overall, Charlotte is an educated, kind, and non-judgmental nutritionist who truly wants to help each individual client succeed.



I started my nutritional journey with Charlotte because I was in the gym 5-6 days a week and not seeing any changes in my body . I knew this was a result of my diet, so I decided to seek some nutritional guidance. Charlotte gave me a better understanding of what types of foods I should be eating and when the best times to eat them were. With her perfectly portioned out meal plans, I was also able to gain an idea of how much I should be eating at each meal and throughout the day. 

Charlotte is realistic about fitness/health goals, and how they fit into your full professional/personal life. She’s incredibly knowledgable of her craft and she truly listens, tailoring meal plans/preps to achieve your goals, within the schedule and time you have available. I was very content with my results and I continue to be conscious about my nutritional choices and all that she taught me.

Photo Dec 03, 11 52 22 AM.jpg

Patti, IT Specialist, Royal Oak, MI

Working with Charlotte has CHANGED MY LIFE! I signed up for meal plans and nutritional counseling. I was already eating relatively well and working out 5 days a week, but not seeing the results I felt I should for working so hard! There were several goals I set with Charlotte: 1) learn what, when, and how to eat, 2) build some confidence in the kitchen, 3) gain a repertoire of healthy recipes, and 4) lose weight. I REACHED ALL MY GOALS! Charlotte understood my goals and created meal plans that balanced my limited schedule (for meal prep) with deliciousness!!! Every time we met, she provided useful nutritional information that allows me to make better decisions on my own. I now have a well-stocked kitchen that I can actually use!! And I know enough now, I can improvise and adjust when life happens!!! The transformation on all fronts has been so rewarding! I am SO grateful for Charlotte’s knowledge and guidance!


Abby, Barre Teacher, Royal Oak, MI

I had a great experience working with Press Start! Coming from someone that lives such an active lifestyle and always on the go, I felt like the meal planning was super helpful. Not only the meal planning, but the recipes, as well as the individual meetings made for a complete package of everything I was hoping for. The one thing that I am so grateful for as far as choosing Press Start is I can proudly say that this is something I can stick with. I found a lifestyle change! I've learned what works best for me and truly saw real results!


Kathy, Stay at home mom, Birmingham, mi

Charlotte is passionate about her work and it comes through. She is knowledgeable and will do what it takes to help you reach your goals! LOVE HER!!


Tony, graphic designer - troy, mi

Working with Charlotte has been a very rewarding experience. Unlike the majority of people who seek out help from nutritionists, my goal was actually to gain weight and body mass, rather than losing weight. I was admittedly hesitant about seeking out anyone to work with, as the desire to gain weight isn't exactly the norm these days, and it seems like everyone's focus is on eating better and/or less in an effort to lose weight. But after a couple of emails and phone calls, I was confident that starting nutrition counseling with Charlotte would be beneficial. After a short time, I had already felt very well informed about what and how to eat, how often, and why having the various types of foods, vitamins, and minerals are so essential to our wellbeing. After putting her ideas and plans into action, I began to see results fairly quickly, and am continuing to reap the benefits of a more well-balanced nutritional program. I can't thank Charlotte enough for her help in getting me back from being an underweight and nearly malnourished-looking man into a respectable, and by all accounts average-looking, man once again. Thanks Charlotte!


Sheri, Stay at home mom - howell, mi

My sessions with Charlotte have truly been LIFE CHANGING! She has opened my eyes to a world of knowledge and support that has allowed me to feel so empowered to finally be able to gain control of my health and my eating instead of letting food control me. Not only has she helped me to learn how to help myself physically but also mentally and emotionally as well by teaching me all the ways that our bodies are affected so strongly by what we put in them and by our environment and stress around us. I underwent a very difficult year physically with an emergency gall bladder removal and a tremendous amount of emotional stress with situations in my life and all of those impacted my gut, skin, and mental well being in a very negative way. I was scared and I was depressed to a degree because I had gone from being active and happy to feeling horrible and not wanting to do much of anything because of a lack of motivation and energy and always not feeling well with a stomach ache. I’m so blessed that my doctor recommended I see Charlotte and after nine sessions I can honestly say I am a changed woman! I am better able to manage my stress because I know what it can do to me and I feel much more in control of my life and my health now. It’s amazing how food can truly heal us physically but also mentally when we look at it the right way. I have learned so much from Charlotte and I will take every bit of it with me for the rest of my life. She truly is an expert in this area and her level of compassion is off the charts! I would highly recommend her to everyone! She truly wants her clients to succeed and live healthy, happy lives and that shows through her knowledge, support, guidance, materials and genuine care and concern. Charlotte has been a blessing in my life in so many ways and I will always be thankful for my time with her!


jaime, non-profit program director - royal oak, mi

Where do I even begin! Working with Charlotte has been an incredibly enlightening and rewarding experience for me. While I began my journey focusing on weight loss, Charlotte was able to show me that living a healthy life is so much more than the number on the scale. I was living a pretty healthy lifestyle before working with Charlotte, but I never really knew the exact reasons behind why certain choices were so important for my health. As someone who has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), it has been a challenge for me to figure out exactly what my body needs, and I don't think I ever would have figured it out on my own. Not only was Charlotte an incredible teacher, she was also an unbelievable source of support and was there for me when I needed a little extra motivation, and was also there to celebrate my small victories and big accomplishments. I can't thank Charlotte enough for educating me, supporting me, and giving me that little extra boost of motivation that I needed to continue working on my best self. Thank you, Charlotte!


Alexa, Fashion Buyer Manager - New York, NY

I have seen countless nutritionists and dietitians over the years, but I have never worked with someone like Charlotte. Her approach is empowering. She works with you to create a plan and then actually teaches your the why’s behind the plans. So you truly understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and are empowered to make the RIGHT choices for you. Even after Charlotte and I were done officially working together she took the time to check in on me and when I reached out to tell her about old habits she got back to me immediately, reminded me about why I was doing this to begin with and snapped me right back to reality. She is truly one of a kind - I would highly recommend working with her!


jess, lawyer - boston, ma

Social media and the internet are rife with so-called health and wellness experts. It's a daunting world, often filled with misconceptions and a lack of evidence-based research and science. As an active person who believed she ate "healthy" and read all the right articles, I wasn't really sure what I would get out of working with Charlotte. I was on the brink of settling and accepting that, in my 30s, a decade-long skin irritation and weight gain were my normal. I am unbelievably grateful that I pulled the trigger on what I thought was a last-ditch effort to make real change! In six sessions, Charlotte coached me, challenged me, and provided me with the tools to completely change my eating habits. Each session, specially tailored to me, included physical copies of whatever lesson we covered, allowing me to revisit the information any time I needed it. Her cookbooks are amazing and served as a springboard for crafting menus and finding the best options for me (pescatarian and newly gluten-free is just plain hard at first!). Many of the recipes are also now weekly staples in my household and I don't know how I ever lived without Proat Muffins. From answering text messages at all hours of the day when I was just learning, to responding to endless emails about safe skincare, household products, vitamins, and supplements, Charlotte's dedication and commitment to helping each client live a healthy, fulfilling life is crystal clear. Charlotte constantly went one step further and I know that, without her, I would not feel as amazing as I do right now (rash-free and back to a comfortable weight). My friends all ask about my "new diet," but more than that - it's a new way of living.


Cameron, Nurse - little rock, arkansas

Working with Charlotte changed the way I look at food for the better. Now, instead of focusing on counting calories and macronutrients, I focus on counting micronutrients and filling my plate with foods that fuel my body. Coming from a history of dieting and counting macros, Charlotte shifted my perspective and taught me that weight loss is more than just counting the calories on my plate. I came to Charlotte with a goal of losing weight, but came away from our sessions feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Eating in a way that fuels my body and mind has given me a healthier relationship with food and my body image. I now feel equipped with the right information to live a healthier lifestyle for FOREVER, instead of focusing on a quick diet fix. I’m forever grateful for the knowledge Charlotte has given me. Her patience and kindness shine through every session, email, and text message. When working with her, she becomes your ally and even a friend. She’s there for you every step of the way, cheering you on and giving you tips to live your best life!


Katie, Nurse & mom - honolulu, HI

It was great working with Charlotte! I found Charlotte after having a baby and felt lost about a healthy way to lose the baby weight, balance my hormones, and not feel additional stress. She was so personable and welcoming to my situation. She was flexible with what was going on in my life so I didn’t feel like I was being restricted in anyway. After working with her for a few months, I feel better mentally about how to eat and what to eat and I’m able to make better daily decisions because of Charlotte.


anita - school principal, royal oak, mi

Learning from Charlotte has been a wonderful experience! I appreciated Charlotte's flexibility in working with me. When I first signed up to meet with her, I was training for a half-marathon and struggling with proper food choices (amount, timing, etc.). She helped me feel better about what I was doing and offered immediate suggestions for improvement that I was able to easily apply! Throughout our time together, Charlotte was POSITIVE, HAPPY, and RESPONSIVE! Her level of responsiveness and thoughtfulness was and still is a BIG draw to working with her. In a world where customer service, care, and overall well-being for humanity is somewhat lost, I found comfort knowing that could find these qualities in Charlotte. To me, health is all encompassing and it isn't about just what you know, but how you go about it. My interactions with Charlotte helped me have a more positive approach to health and fitness because of who she is and what she believes. She walks her talk! In learning from Charlotte, I gained MANY resources such as podcast, workouts to try, and a lot of knowledge about specific products. Being someone who is fairly healthy, she really helped me to refine my thinking and overall approach to eating. She has turned me on to plant-based yogurts, flour, proteins, etc. I am excited to apply my knowledge and see how I do on my own! Of course, I know Charlotte will be there to help if I need her! The text and email support is invaluable!



I started working with Charlotte because I felt that I was in a food rut and I wanted to lean up a bit.  Charlotte was amazing to work with from the start.  I have learned so much from her in regards to fueling my body for my workouts vs. eating the same thing everyday (which I was doing before seeing her).  I was shocked to see that I could make some amazing delicious recipes and see results in leaning up.  Charlotte's way of eating is a lifestyle and not a diet, which, is exactly what I wanted.  She took the time to explain the science behind her recipes was patient with me when I had a million questions for her.  I can honestly say that sometimes I look in my fridge and can't decide what to eat because all of her recipes are so good!  I have more energy than before and I love what I eat everyday.  If you want to lean up, lose weight, learn how to eat so you aren't "hangry", and eat amazing delicious food - look no further - you have found the perfect nutritionist! 



I have really enjoyed working with Charlotte over the past several months.  She worked very hard to create meal plans that worked with my lifestyle and my daily schedule.  She would check in with me during the two week period just to see how I was liking the menu and to see how things were going. Our live talks every two weeks were helpful as well and helped me to better understand how to better plan meals to be the most effective in meeting my goals.  I definitely will continue to use the tools and learnings from my time working with her!  Bottom-line is she wants to help people achieve their goals in a way that is both healthy and sustainable.

Photo May 09, 1 02 03 PM.jpg

nicole, lawyer - washington dc

Charlotte was great to work with! Her lessons are not overly prescriptive but give you guidelines on how to live life in balance. Going through the science of how and why your body reacts to certain foods and nutrients was incredibly helpful— providing a unique perspective on nutrition that is often lost. The recipes were fantastic and have become a staple in my cooking rotation. Most importantly, I learned that meal prep— even just a few items— can be incredibly helpful to stay healthy all week long and accommodate my busy work and travel schedule.


angelica, marketing manager - royal oak, mi

Before working with Charlotte, I felt like I had no control over how I would feel each day. All of my stomach problems seemed completely random, despite a lifetime of healthy eating. After seeing several specialists for my gut issues over the years, I can say with confidence that meeting with Charlotte has made by far the largest impact on my gut health and overall well-being. Instead of prescribing medications and convincing me to "settle" with unpleasant symptoms, Charlotte worked with me to figure out triggers for my symptoms and strategies to prevent them. She is always happy to answer any questions via any mode of communication - it's like having your own personalized nutrition handbook in your back pocket at all times! Through Charlotte's education and guidance, I'm now able to go about my life with tools and knowledge to help me consistently feel well, which I will forever be grateful for.



Before I started working with Charlotte, I was working out four times per week however, I wasn't seeing any results. I felt stronger but my weight was still the same. This was due to my poor eating habits and unawareness of fueling my body with the right ingredients at the right time. Once I started Charlotte's meal plans, I saw significant changes in my body. I wasn't having craving anymore and I wasn't waking up bloated in the morning. I was easting clean and delicious food that I absolutely enjoyed. Through the 8 weeks, I experienced a reduction in my body fat and weight-loss. Most importantly, I have created eating habits that will last me a lifetime. Charlotte does a great job outlining your meals throughout the week and provides detailed recipes which make cooking that much easier. You really don't have to think, everything is outlined for you! I would highly recommend her services :) 


Rory, stylist - west bloomfield, mi

hen I first met Charlotte, I thought that I already had a solid base of nutritional knowledge. I was merely looking to maximize my workouts while gaining muscle and shedding fat. I soon understood that my knowledge was based on years of restrictive and disordered eating. With Charlotte's help, I have totally transformed the way that I look at food and how it nourishes my body. Charlotte and I focused on a plan that worked for MY shape and MY lifestyle. With a plethora of easily digestible scientific information as well as amazing new recipes to add to my repertoire, I learned how to listen to my needs, eat intuitively and understand what my food choices meant for my well being - mind and body. Meal prepping has now become second nature. I never feel deprived and most importantly I never feel like I am on a diet; I have found a balance of eating for enjoyment and eating for fuel. This, I soon discovered, was my goal all along. Charlotte is always a voice of reason. If she doesn't have the answer right away, she will find it for you in a matter of time. She is always available anytime I have a question. Not only do I feel that Charlotte respects me as a client, but she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout this process and has become a friend. In a climate inundated with mixed information, Charlotte has taught me how to find my own path.


liz, teacher, detroit, mi

Charlotte was great to work with! In a short period of time I saw results. She made sure that at each session we thoroughly went over my nutrition plan. Everything was easy to understand and the recipes were great. The best part about working with Charlotte is that I am able revisit the strategies she taught me to ensure I am my most healthy self.

Photo May 16, 3 07 30 PM.jpg

Stephanie, Psychologist, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Charlotte was a pleasure to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive to questions, and has taught me so much about healthy eating and nutrition. She has great ideas about options and choices for one's lifestyle. She simplified the process of healthy eating and her cookbooks provide lots of great options and choices to maintain healthy eating. She is punctual, flexible, and very respectful about scheduling; she is a true professional. This has been a very worthwhile investment and I look forward to continuing my work with her. I highly recommend her!!



I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Press in March of 2016 when she became an employee of RPM Fitness. Seeing as I am also employed there we had quite a bit of time to get to know one another. I enlisted her services because I was in need of not only a nutrition overload, but a lifestyle change. Backstory of my nutritional life in a nutshell: I was the girl that could eat anything and not gain a pound! "Skinny as a rail" they used to call me. I ate horrible unspeakable things with no remorse or thought for how this would effect my future self. I started to notice a difference in my metabolism at the age of 28-30. I began to gain weight and my body structure started to change as well. Unfortunately, I had a bad accident at the age of 35 and had to have multiple surgeries. Which then lead to a year of bed rest and medications, which in turn, lead to an almost 40 pounds of weight gain!!! I then met with Charlotte and discussed my situation. During my first consultation, which was FREE, we discussed my goals and aspirations! Charlotte then put together a plan specifically to me. I have not only learned "how to eat" but "what to eat".  I followed the plan and lost 14lbs in the first 2 months without working out!!! 🤗 I never felt deprived on my meal plan and praise Charlotte for the ever flavorful menu!

Photo Dec 03, 11 03 53 AM.jpg

David, Entrepreneur, Birmingham, MI

Press Start Nutrition is all of the above, easy to correspond with, well educated and able to work with each individual situation. Perfect.


maran, stay at home mom - bloomfield hills, mi

It has been such a wonderful experience working with Charlotte over the past couple of months. Although I thought I knew what “healthy eating” looked like, Charlotte gave me such a different vision of what eating well should look and feel like. When I began this process, I thought it would be difficult to follow her program. I found, however, that with her simple nutritional building blocks, I am able to plan and prep in a way that works for me and my (ever changing) schedule. I found the science behind everything fascinating! Thank you Charlotte for helping me learn to properly fuel my body for my busy, ever-changing schedule.


Kristy, Optometrist, royal oak, mi

I really loved the Press Start Nutrition program with Charlotte! I found the program very organized and easy to incorporate and follow week to week. Everything is completely layed out for you from what ingredients you need, to where to buy them, and step by step instructions on how to meal prep everything. 

I enjoyed not only the step by step guides every week but I really liked meeting with Charlotte to learn more about nutrition and why it’s important to our bodies. After 8 weeks of doing the nutrition plan and another 4 weeks before that doing whole 30 with Charlotte, I feel so good. I have so much more energy throughout the day and I’m sleeping so much better than I have in a long time.


Jess, Private Equity Digital Operations manager - Brooklyn, NY

I contacted Charlotte as a few of my good friends could not stop raving about her. I was always skeptical about seeing a nutritionist – what more could I learn? I eat healthy and workout! I could not have been more surprised at the knowledge I obtained and the results! I started working with Charlotte through nutritional coaching. The sessions we had were informative and very helpful. The best part was I walked away from each session knowing exactly what changes I needed to make to my diet and they were 100% obtainable with little effort. I also did a two week meal plan with Charlotte and I am thrilled with the results! The recipes she provided were easy and the food was absolutely delicious. I am now eating more than I was before, I leave every meal satisfied and I have seen great results in my body and my energy.

Charlotte has completely changed my outlook on food. I love knowing the health benefits of everything I am putting into my body and I have Charlotte to thank for that. The best part is, I have never once felt restricted in terms of what I can eat and she has only opened my eyes up to new options!


Ashley, Elementary School Teacher - Troy, MI

Working with Charlotte has changed my life. Before, working with her, I was working out, but not seeing any results. Finally a light bulb went off that if I wanted noticeable change with my body, I needed to also look closely at my nutrition. Before meeting Charlotte, I was a classic "one size fits all" yo-yo dieter. I'd tried it all: shakes, supplements, restricted calories, no carbs....which not only didn't give me results, but left me hungry. At my wits end with all of this, I found Charlotte, and because she was in the fitness industry I knew that she would be able to help me. Learning to eat the right foods to fuel MY body was exactly what I needed. 

She cares deeply about my progress, and creates easy to follow meal plans with food that I crave (I have chocolate every day!). The meal plans are also catered to my crazy schedule as a teacher. I'm never hungry, and there is no counting anything. I've learned that clean eating is truly a lifestyle change, and it's now a part of who I am! I've lost nearly 20 pounds and 2% body fat in 2 months of working with her. With Charlotte by my side, I've been able to achieve amazing results and it's ignited a passion within me for fitness and overall wellness. 



My experience working with Charlotte was life changing. She taught me how to properly nourish my body without feeling deprived of the foods I love most. I’ve gained a new insight on my lifestyle habits going forward, but most importantly I learned to love myself for who I am and not to focus on how long the journey takes. She taught me to respect the process it takes to get to where I want to be and not to get caught on the obstacles I faced throughout the few months I worked with her. Going forward, in my life as a college student, the skills she has taught me with stay with me forever. I feel confident that I can take control of my nutrition now and make the right choices. I’m extremely grateful for all the work Charlotte put into helping me reach my goals, even if I still have a bit of a journey ahead of me. Even though my sessions are done, the connection I made with her makes me feel comfortable enough to contact her with questions now and again. Overall, I can’t thank her enough for showing me the ropes and making me feel confident in myself again. 


Lori - legal clerk, berkley, MI

Charlotte is truly a treasure. Her knowledge is vast. She takes each client that she works with and gets to know you inside and outside. She cares about every single facet of your life and how it is affecting YOU! She wants her clients to feel their very best at all times, and working with Charlotte, over these last nine months, I can tell you honestly that I have never felt as good as I feel now. Charlotte does not just say "here, eat this!" She explains the science of food so that you know why you are eating what you are eating, and why you are feeling good, or not good! She is the consummate professional; timely, responsive, knowledgeable and very compassionate to her clients' needs.

I feel as though Charlotte really changed my life. When I learned what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, my brain 'fuzzies' went away, my low blood sugar went away, my tendency to be 'hangry' disappeared, I dropped almost 25 pounds, my skin is clear, my eyes are bright, I am more energetic. Working with Charlotte has been a truly positive experience for me. I am so grateful to her for teaching me about the food I eat. Charlotte makes it easy and simple. I have never ever felt better in my life. Thanks, Charlotte !!!

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 3.53.36 PM.png


Charlotte was fantastic to work with. When she means she will be there every step of the way she means it. It was great having a supporting coach who I could reach out to at any time with questions regarding recipes and menus. The recipes she supplied for the meal plan were great as well. The turkey meatloaf balls were my personal favorite. Simply amazing! I did not feel like I was put on a diet which made it easy to stick to. I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone who is looking for a life change to make themselves better.



Working with Charlotte has afforded me the opportunity to prepare nutritious, creative meals for my family with minimal input on my end. Eating healthily is important to me -- whole foods, a variety of colors and nutrients -- but, as a sleep-deprived new mom, the prospect of coordinating it all felt particularly daunting. As we are beginning to eat meals as a family with our baby, it's important to me to model an open-minded and healthy approach to food.  Charlotte was able to take our needs into consideration and come up with thoughtful plans to execute. In seeking her out, I wasn't necessarily looking to shed pounds, but more to push the reset button on our lifestyle and daily approach to food both in and out of our home. However, I did lose some weight from eating more mindfully and following her recipes and guidance, which, was an unintended bonus.  After several weeks of meal plans and lessons, I feel prepared with a bounty of creative, satiating recipes with great ingredient substitutions for a healthy easy-to maintain lifestyle


Sasha, Stay at home mom - Bloomfield Hills, MI

I've tried literally every diet program out there. I've done Tone It Up, Weight Watchers, the No-Carb diet and not one was sustainable so I know I needed to try a different avenue and an overall lifestyle change. I followed Charlotte on social media for over a year and always tried the recipes she posted but I knew I needed more help and guidance. I thought I always knew how to eat healthy and what choices were best, but after working with Charlotte I learned so much about what I was doing wrong. She was so helpful with guiding me on what foods I should be eating and more importantly why! She is definitely not a surface level nutritionist. Everything she told me to eat was backed up with scientific reasoning and explanation. She is incredibly knowledgable.

I started working with her before taking a family trip to Florida and in the past I always used trips as an excuse to throw healthy eating out the window. But a few days before leaving, I met with Charlotte and she walked me through how I could enjoy my vacation while still making healthy choices.

Her "Going Out to Eat" tips are a lifesaver. I use them each and every time I go out now and not once have I left a restaurant feeling guilty or uncomfortably full.

Charlotte's cookbooks and recipes are now a staple in our home and my whole family is benefitting from my time with her. My two year old is a carb lover and the pickiest eater you will ever met. He devours the hidden veggie recipes I make from Charlotte's cookbook and I could not be happier. I will be forever grateful for all the knowledge and guidance she has given me.



I had been training for some time and although my fitness was relatively good, I felt like I was missing something in my nutrition that could help me get to my body goals which seemed out of reach.  I was looking for someone who could work with me to give me better eating habits that could become a lifestyle for me as the idea of going on a diet filled me with dread.  Although I live in New Zealand, I found Charlotte on Instagram and was really impressed with her food choices and the range of healthy options available, particularly when it came to snacks!! I asked Charlotte if we could work together remotely and was so happy that she agreed. Despite the distance and time zones, it was actually really easy to work with her.  We communicated via phone and text and although we were remote I never felt like I was on my own.  Charlotte was there for me any time I needed her and the results speak for themselves.  After 12 weeks I have reached a body fat % that I am very happy with, I have changed my body shape and most importantly I have the tools now to continue to live a healthy lifestyle full of delicious food options.  The nutrition counselling I got as part of my plan with Charlotte was fantastic and I now have the tools to manage my nutrition and health.  I definitely couldn't have done it without Charlotte!

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I started seeing Charlotte when I was eating fast food at least 3x a week! I have a thinner frame but I was eating horrible. I didn't know how to take care of my body whatsoever. I'd go from one coffee in the morning and binge eat with one meal at night. She taught me how my body processed foods, what foods I needed after my work out, what foods to watch out for, and so much more! The knowledge she has given me has definitely changed my life. This wasn't a "diet" she gave me.  What she gave me was the ability to make my healthy journey a lifestyle.



My wife brought Charlotte on board to help us learn more about and adapt our eating habits for a more healthful lifestyle. In my business I am often grabbing lunch on the go during the day and often unconsciously fell prey to making poor choices. With Charlotte's tailored guidance, I have been able to approach menus and ordering with a more educated stance. I also have enjoyed making new smoothie recipes for the family in the morning to kickstart our day. I typically take on the role of sous chef and don't have much to do with the dinners we eat at home, but I've enjoyed trying the new recipes my wife has crafted and look forward to discovering more dinner recipes together. The knowledge and know-how from working closely with Charlotte for a few weeks has made a positive impression on my approach to food. Charlotte is energized, informed and passionate and I would highly recommend her.

Ellyn, bloomfield hills, mi

Working with Charlotte has been life changing! She has taken me from a place where I thought the best way to lose weight was by eating very little and mostly as much low calorie / reduced fat foods to a place where I truly am mindful of everything I eat and why. Charlotte has made me excited to try new “clean” food creations that will satisfy my hunger and keep me full. She always has amazing ideas and recipes, discounts on products and is available whenever I have a question or thought. I have lost weight and inches but have gained life long habits and a solid interest in nutrition. Charlotte is professional, intelligent, creative, available and so good at what she does. I not only highly recommend her but find myself helping others with the knowledge she has given me!!


Amanda,Mom and part time optitian - Rochester Hills, Mi

I started working with Charlotte when I felt there was no hope left in my yo yo dieting struggles. I did Weight Watchers and another “clean eating” plan until I was so restricted I started binge eating. Eating large quantities of food in a short amount of time leaving me to feel sick and then ashamed.

I really didn’t think I could get past it, but I did, thanks to Charlotte.

She showed me foods to eat that would leave me feeling satisfied. Her recipes also are so amazing. She has the best healthy snacks that truly satisfy my sweet tooth (and I have a BIG sweet tooth).

I am so happy I can move forward with my life eating mindfully & feeling great!


Meghan, finance manager - Royal Oak, MI

Working with Charlotte has been a journey and my goals and focus have changed along the way. which was an unexpected surprise! I called Charlotte on a whim, I was frustrated and annoyed that diets weren't sticking and that I couldn't find a workout program to stick with. Charlotte and I met and she took in my frustrations and helped me lay out a game plan and we set several goals to help me progress. My goals weren't driven by numbers (i.e. seeing the number on a scale down) it was more to help me change my lifestyle (i.e. drink more water, try to be more active, & take vitamins consistently). I was a bit skeptical, but I followed the plan and spread my meetings out over several months and before I knew it I was actually feeling more energized, I changed the way I was eating, and I found a workout routine I looked forward to doing. We did a progress check and I went in thinking there is no way anything had changed physically and I was shocked to find out it had. I still wanted more, but with the minor tweaks to my lifestyle my body was changing without me really feeling like I was doing anything life altering. Since this realization Charlotte has continued to help in more ways then this. My priorities are shifting and I am now beginning a fertility journey. Charlotte has embraced my shift and our conversations have been about fertility and making sure I am armed with facts and information to help me these next few months as we are trying to conceive. She has also been flexible as to when I have my sessions since there are so many myths to pregnancies I wanted to pick her brain after I am pregnant (hopefully soon). I look forward to maintaining a friendship even after my sessions are done. She has been awesome to get to know and you can tell she feels passionately about nutrition and her clients.