Hit the REFRESH Button with your own, custom meal plan:

I often get asked, "but what should I eat?!" While there is no one right answer, I find a lot of people do better with a little guidance. Whether you are too busy to plan your own meals, bored of eating the same things over and over again, confused about what is actually "healthy" for you (there is so much conflicting information out there) or just want to take the thinking out of it, my meal plans have you covered! 

You will get:

  • Weekly aisle-by-aisle grocery lists with brand recommendations

  • A weekly recipe guide or cookbook (no you will not be eating the same boring foods every day)

  • A preparation checklist (you will usually only prep on 1-2 days per week)

  • A grid laying out all your meals and snacks (YES there will be plenty of yummy snacks) to give you an idea of what to eat and when

  • Options to make it FLEXIBLE & work for YOU!

Food is meant to be ENJOYED and should make us feel amazing inside and out! My meal plans are designed to give you SIMPLE but delicious recipes that do just that! You can add text & e-mail support and/or counseling sessions if you want me by your side every step of the way but are not doing nutrition counseling.


Preview the delicious things you'll be eating in the meal plans & check out more recipes: