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Zucchini oats might sound strange but you don't taste the zucchini at all and it bulks up your oats without adding tons of sugar or calories.  You stay full longer plus get your morning nutrients in.  I have a few variations of zoats, but they all have the same general principle.  They're good cold or heated.  Be adventurous and try them out.

Zucchini Banana Almond Butter Power Muffins

These muffins are made from the most wholesome ingredients and make the perfect breakfast or snack since they are definitely filling (in a good way).  Moms, these are a perfect way to trick kids into eating vegetables (since you don't taste the zucchini)! Not to mention that they're paleo-friendly, gluten and dairy free and contain no refined sugar.  They're loaded with fiber, vitamins and protein AND if you top them with goji berries like I did, you can add an extra bit of protein and superfood power!

Sweet Baked Banana Chia Oats

If you have a ripe banana you must make this nourishing and scrumptious breakfast.  Since I work out in the mornings (usually) I like to prep it all ahead of time, workout, then pop it in the oven while I shower.  It seems like a long wait for a breakfast to cook but it is SO worth it! No added sweetener except the banana so it's good for your blood sugar, PLUS the bananas are high in potassium, the chia seeds give you those super important omega-3s, oats provide fiber and keep you full.  Comes out tasting like banana cake! My favorite topping is nut butter (duh) but it's great plan as well! 

Guilt-Free Chocolate Mug Cake

Mug cakes are amazing because when you're craving a cake, you have a single-serve cake in a matter of minutes! Then, you can eat the entire thing, and still feel great after (not bloated or guilty) and fill your body with nourishing foods! This chocolate mug cake is perfect to satisfy your chocolate craving at breakfast, for dessert, or as a snack! It's grain, dairy and gluten free and packed with protein!

Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is such a versatile side dish! Not to mention it can be cooked into oatmeal and other breakfasts to get your morning veggies and you won't even notice (but that's a separate post).  It's so easy and can reduce the carb and calorie load of any meal while still giving you the hearty satisfaction you get from eating rice or another grain! I like to season mine with turmeric, it has a great flavor and reduces inflammation in the body.

Comfort Zoodles

Zucchini + Noodle = Zoodle (for those who are unfamiliar).  They are my FAVORITE way to make an easy, lean dinner taste comforting.  You must first own some kind of spiralizer (to make the noodles), however, you can find these for under $20 at or Bed Bath & Beyond, you really don't need anything fancy.  The zucchini fills you up at only about 30 calories per zucchini (vs. a serving of whole wheat pasta at around 190).  Plus it is a great source of calcium and potassium.  I love zoodles for lunch or dinner and they store pretty well if you want to pre-make them and keep them in the fridge.

Cacao Crunch Bliss Balls

These little bites are loaded with protein, and the cacao gives them tons of magnesium, iron and antioxidants and low on sugar.  These use dried mulberries, which are about 1/10th the sugar of dates and contain tons of phytochemicals themselves - including iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and plenty of dietary fiber.  Now to the important part - they taste like little bites of fudge with bursts of crunch inside.  Satisfy your sweet tooth here without the guilt.  

Pumpkin Banana Pancakes

This recipe doesn't need much description, it's enticing enough. Pumpkin + banana + pancakes = heaven.  Make it!

Pretty Pitaya Bowls

For those who don't know, pitaya is dragon fruit.  I use "Pitaya Plus" packets (they come frozen) since pitaya is a super fruit indigenous to South America ... so unfortunately I can't find them locally in Michigan.  These packets are organic, non-GMO and only contain one ingredient and are easy to pop in the blender to still get the same great health and taste benefits.  Pitaya is low in sugar AND a great source of:

  • Magnesium

  • Iron

  • Vitamin C

  • Antioxidants

  • Vitamin B2

So blend away! Below are some suggestions of different combinations I've done with my bowls - some may sound strange, but be adventurous and give them a try! Get creative and let me know if you mix up any amazing creations!

Homemade Blackberry Chia Jam

You can definitely switch out the berry in this jam and use raspberries or strawberries.  I love it because it's quick and unprocessed and perfect on some Ezekiel toast for peanut butter or almond butter and jelly!

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Schmear

I find I often have half used cans of pumpkin in my kitchen... not sure if that's just me but most recipes don't call for the entire can.  I created this recipe to use up the rest and it is a pumpkin peanut butter party in your mouth! For people with kids who won't eat vegetables but will eat peanut butter, this is a great way to disguise some of those veggie vitamins!

Almond Butter Bliss Dressing

If you love almond butter even half, or a quarter or an eighth as much as I do you will LOVE this dressing.  It's great on salads, buddha bowls, "zoodles", any type of cooked or raw vegetable, plain chicken/fish etc. the list goes on! It's full of healthy fats and Vitamin E from the almond butter, no sweetener, has anti-inflammatory properties from the ginger, is low in sodium and has omega 3 fatty acids from the flax seeds.  

Mini Superfood Macaroons

mini superfood macaroons

Hemp hearts are the center of the hemp seed and are full of raw nutrition.  You may have heard them talked about but WHY are they so good for you? They contain all the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) and essential fatty acids and tons of other vitamins and minerals.  AKA why they got labeled a superfood.  These little cookies also have another superfood friend -  goji berries - which are low on sugar, high on protein and antioxidants.  I mean come on, protein from a berry, that's super!  Anyways you won't be disappointed by these cookies - they barely have any added sugar and are loaded with nutrients so they make the perfect snack or dessert (or smoothie topper!)

The inspiration from this recipe was from in it 4 the long run blog.  I just increased the protein and reduced the sugar a bit, still came out super yummy! Thanks girl!

Carrot Cake Recovery Smoothie

Who doesn't love carrot cake?!  This smoothie is a refreshing, easy way to get your fill of beta carotene, vitamin C and potassium.  PLUS it tastes like carrot cake!! Perfect for post-workout recovery because the ginger and potassium help reduce muscle inflammation.

Faux Toast

This is one of my FAVORITE light snacks to pack in veggies and protein without packing on the carbs.  There are so many different varieties but the formula is the same = rice cake + "spread" + crispy veggies + protein on top.  See below for some ideas!

Green Smoothie Guidelines

People often assume drinking something green makes it healthy - WRONG! However, I am putting together some of my favorite green smoothie combinations that are actually pretty healthy AND taste good for you to experiment with below.  They can be eaten as a breakfast, snack, smoothie bowl - you just need to alter the quantities and proportion of liquid to solid.

Spinach Waffles

Spinach waffles are a delicious breakfast, lunch or even brinner (when you eat breakfast for dinner - for all you novices out there) ANDthe perfect way to disguise the taste of spinach for picky eaters!  Build strong muscles and bones with these protein, fiber, and nutrient packed, low carb, gluten-free waffles! Heat up that waffle iron, what are you waiting for!?

Favorite Crispy Chickpeas

Instead of potato chips try crunchy salty roasted chickpeas! Great swap for croutons on salads too!

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bursts

These are little bursts of energy and joy (for your mouth and body!)  Unlike a lot of my other energy bites, they are nut-free for those who are allergic or watching their fat intake.  IF you read any of my posts you know fat is NOT the thing to cut down on ;)  They're so quick and portable and have the super immune boosting and inflammation reducing powers of PUMPKIN!  Hope you like them!

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bursts

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Paleo Peanut Butter Pumpkin Paradise Bars

Get your pumpkin, peanut butter and chocolate fix in this one stop shop!  Only a few ingredients and they're guilt-free!

 Paleo Peanut Butter Pumpkin Paradise Bars