Energy Bites

Cocoa Cashew No Bake Energy Bites

These energy bites seriously hit the spot… they’re fudgey and chocolatey and don’t require baking (hello summer is coming and I’m pregnant so oven-free will be KEY!). They have minimal sugar (and it’s coming from nutrient-dense sources like raw honey) plus they are packed with all my other faves - fiber, protein, healthy fats! They also have superfoods like cacao which is rich in magnesium, a mineral many Americans are deficient in. I used Thera Treats CBD dark chocolate in this because not only is it super high quality soy-free, organic dark chocolate but it has healing properties. CBD can help with pain management, anxiety, relaxation, sleep and more! You can use code CPRESS on your own CBD treats from their website if you want.

Raw Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Bites

Be warned now, these taste DANGEROUSLY close to real cookie dough, and thus are very addicting. However, lucky for you, they're super clean! They really need no other formal introduction other than that, they're basically protein and nutrient rich cinnamon cookie dough. What could be better?!

Basic B***H Balls

I call these balls "basic" in the MOST endearing way possible. They use only basic ingredients that you probably already have in the house, BUT they're not basic in terms of how delicious & nutritious they are. PLUS you can add a bunch of non-basic superfood ingredients if you like, to dress them up. But they're good just plain and simple.

Turmeric Super Seed Bites

I really try to avoid packaged snacks, especially protein bars, when possible. They're full of sugar and processed ingredients. This is why I try to make a batch of my own protein-dense snacks each week. I have trouble making things stay in bar form so I usually make a batch of energy balls. They're pre-portioned, portable, and I fill mine with nutrients! These turmeric ones have the medicinal, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting powers of turmeric, protein for healthy bones/joints/skin/hair from collagen, tons of healthy fats, and almost no carbs or sugar. Make a batch and let me know what you think!

Berry Beet-y Bliss Balls

Beets have SO many health benefits. They are full of nitrates, which means they help our blood carry more oxygen. More oxygen means we have improved cardiovascular endurance! Plus they help our mitochondria grow. Mitochondria are the "powerhouses" of our cells so this means more energy AND improved metabolism. Not to mention they are rich in immune-boosting vitamin C, potassium (for nerve and muscle function), manganese (for bones, liver, kidney AND metabolism). The list goes on... long story short, make these beet berry balls!

Raw Cookie Dough Bites

These bite-sized snacks will have you feeling like you're eating raw cookie dough! But you won't get salmonella AND they're super healthy for you - win win :) Made with chickpeas, nut butter, a bit of protein and cacao nibs for that superfood power, they're simple, healthy & delicious.

Matcha Balls

Matcha has SO many health benefits. The caffeine gives us an energy boost, the antioxidants help reduce inflammation and support our immune system, a special component of it called ECG helps boost our metabolism and speed up our calorie burning and help to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, a special amino acid in matcha also helps increase alertness and cognitive function. So basically if we eat matcha we will be more alert, feel  better, be smarter and burn more calories... and who doesn't want all those things! So you better get rolling on these balls :) P.S. they are super low carb and sugar and full of protein and healthy fats!

Cashew Maca Cookie Clusters

Maca is a superfood that among many other important things, helps to balance our hormones! And hormones rule the body, so I'd say we want to keep those balanced.  The taste of these little energy bites reminds me of snow ball cookies (if you have ever had those) because the cashews give them a creamy yet crunchy texture. These are also low carb and packed with protein and involve ZERO cooking, hooray! So keep those hormones in check and nosh on these.

Carrot Cake Bites

These carrot cake energy bites are a great way to get in a bit of veggies when you're craving something sweet.  These protein-powder free energy bites are perfect on top of yogurt for breakfast, by themselves as a snack or for a sweet treat for dessert.  The best part is, they're no bake!

Pumpkin Spice Pronut Holes

Who loves pumpkin spice? Me (and the whole universe). Who loves donuts? (also the whole universe). Who loves protein? (me... and maybe some of the universe...). Anyways I combined the three to create these pumpkin spice "pro-nut" holes... like protein donut, get it?! You will love them if you live in the universe, I promise!

Magical Spirulina Superfood Bites

These bites are bursting with energy.  Don't let the color scare you, they taste like vanilla almond butter and mulberries! The spirulina adds extra protein, iron, Vitamins A & E & plus tons of other phytonutrients.  The maca balances your hormones and boosts your libido <3

Honey Peanut Butter Bites

Some of my other energy bites are a bit "adventurous" with the flavors.  These are a great crowd pleaser - who doesn't love peanut butter and honey!? Plus, you will definitely have all these ingredients in the house so no grocery shopping needed.  These provide the perfect pre or post-workout snack since they are full of healthy carbohydrates and protein but don't have TOO much refined sugar.  

Cacao Crunch Bliss Balls

These little bites are loaded with protein, and the cacao gives them tons of magnesium, iron and antioxidants and low on sugar.  These use dried mulberries, which are about 1/10th the sugar of dates and contain tons of phytochemicals themselves - including iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and plenty of dietary fiber.  Now to the important part - they taste like little bites of fudge with bursts of crunch inside.  Satisfy your sweet tooth here without the guilt.  

Mini Superfood Macaroons

mini superfood macaroons

Hemp hearts are the center of the hemp seed and are full of raw nutrition.  You may have heard them talked about but WHY are they so good for you? They contain all the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) and essential fatty acids and tons of other vitamins and minerals.  AKA why they got labeled a superfood.  These little cookies also have another superfood friend -  goji berries - which are low on sugar, high on protein and antioxidants.  I mean come on, protein from a berry, that's super!  Anyways you won't be disappointed by these cookies - they barely have any added sugar and are loaded with nutrients so they make the perfect snack or dessert (or smoothie topper!)

The inspiration from this recipe was from in it 4 the long run blog.  I just increased the protein and reduced the sugar a bit, still came out super yummy! Thanks girl!

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bursts

These are little bursts of energy and joy (for your mouth and body!)  Unlike a lot of my other energy bites, they are nut-free for those who are allergic or watching their fat intake.  IF you read any of my posts you know fat is NOT the thing to cut down on ;)  They're so quick and portable and have the super immune boosting and inflammation reducing powers of PUMPKIN!  Hope you like them!

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bursts

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Banana Nut Protein Balls

Only 6 ingredients in these delicious little bursts of energy!  These tiny treats are loaded with power & flavor!  There is no added sugar, refined grains or oil.  Perfectly portable snack or eat them as a topping for yogurt or a smoothie. 

Banana Nut Protein Balls

Serves: Makes appx. 24 tablespoon sized balls