Mini Superfood Macaroons

mini superfood macaroons

Hemp hearts are the center of the hemp seed and are full of raw nutrition.  You may have heard them talked about but WHY are they so good for you? They contain all the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) and essential fatty acids and tons of other vitamins and minerals.  AKA why they got labeled a superfood.  These little cookies also have another superfood friend -  goji berries - which are low on sugar, high on protein and antioxidants.  I mean come on, protein from a berry, that's super!  Anyways you won't be disappointed by these cookies - they barely have any added sugar and are loaded with nutrients so they make the perfect snack or dessert (or smoothie topper!)

The inspiration from this recipe was from in it 4 the long run blog.  I just increased the protein and reduced the sugar a bit, still came out super yummy! Thanks girl!