Refresh Plan - 2 Week Plans (Click for details)


Refresh Plan - 2 Week Plans (Click for details)


Dip your toes into the Press Start 8-week "Refresh" meal plan program by taking it 2 weeks at a time. Start with weeks 1-2 then move onto 3 - 4 then 5 - 6 etc. Note: Be sure to select the correct 2 weeks for you. Only select this option if you've completed weeks 1 - 2, if you've completed those, move onto 3 - 4 then 5 - 6 then 7 - 8. 

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What's included:

  • 2-week meal plan with day by day grid of exactly what to eat & when each day (these are suggestions not strict rules)
  • FREE color cookbook with easy to follow recipes & pictures (over 100 recipes to use even after the plan is done!)
  • Weekly aisle-by-aisle grocery lists
  • Weekly preparation lists to maximize food freshness & meal-prep efficiency AND to make sure you don’t forget to make anything
  • Your goals, size, age, sex, activity level all taken into account
  • A complete substitution list and users guide so if you don’t like what you’re eating, you can switch it out
  • Workout Nutrition Guide


All recipes are easy, minimally processed and made with real, whole foods the whole family will love!

Best for those who want to take the guess-work out of what to eat to stay healthy, feel energized and be the best version of themselves. Make the commitment to yourself and do the full 8 week program (Added bonus, you get two weeks FREE & save $65)! Great for people of all different goal profiles – weight loss, muscle gain, healthy family, increased energy etc. Designed to minimize time in the kitchen while making you feel great! If you want to invest in yourself and commit to 8 weeks, you will get two weeks FREE (save $65), select the 8-week program.