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Who do you work with?

I work with people of any background, age, body type and with any goal in mind.  I work with you to be your healthiest self, which is why there is no one size fits all plan.  I work with people both near and far.  I've found that Skype and FaceTime meetings are just as effective.  I'm always a text, call, email away - for all my clients!

I follow a special diet (plant-based, vegan, low FODMOP etc.) Can I follow the REFRESH meal plan?

You definitely can follow the REFRESH meal plan, since I give you detailed instructions and tons of options about how to modify and change things out if necessary. I currently have a 1-week vegetarian plan available on the REFRESH page. I am also working on a plant-based cookbook with corresponding meal plans, similar to the REFRESH program that will be out soon, stay tuned!

Finally, if you want a meal-plan tailored 100% to your dietary restrictions, I can do completely custom meal plans! Check out my custom meal plans page!


How do I know what to start with - REFRESH meal plans, counseling or both?

If you like structure, definitely start with the REFRESH meal plans. These plans take out all the guess-work so you know exactly what to eat for your goals. I even include grocery lists and preparation instructions!

If you don't like structure, but want guidance, perhaps nutrition counseling is the better option for you. You will be learning about how your body processes food so you can make better, more nourishing decisions.

The MOST effective way to make lasting changes to your health, is to do a combination of both nutrition counseling & REFRESH meal plans. Click here to see the savings you get when you bundle those together.


What if I want a meal plan for more than 8 weeks?

If you've gone through the entire REFRESH program, and loved your results, you can contact me for more custom meal plans.

How long are your counseling sessions?

Plan for 45-minute long sessions. I also offer "text & email support" that's basically 24/7! This way if you have a question, I'll answer you ASAP. 


Where do you do your meetings?

Everywhere! For people local to the Birmingham, MI area I prefer to meet in person at my office at RPM Fitness in Birmingham. However, I have worked with clients everywhere from New Zealand, to New York to California and find remote counseling to be just as effective.


I've tried all sorts of diets before, and none have worked. Why is this different?

This is not a diet, in fact I hate the word diet! You will be learning about how to properly nourish your body by eating real, whole foods at the right times in the right quantities.  The focus will not be on counting or measuring, but more on listening to our bodies so that we can make lasting, sustainable changes.

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