Meet Charlotte Press

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My name is Charlotte Press (hence Press Start).  I believe everyone can love their body and feel great if they put the right food into their body.  I have had a passion for healthy eating, cooking and fitness since a young age and I believe the three go hand in hand.  I grew up North of Boston, went to college in Atlanta, GA then moved to New York City to pursue my (not dreams) of being a certified public accountant.  My love of nourishing foods and exercise followed me all the way.  After about five years of spending my time in my favorite gym classes and handing out my healthy recipe creations to my CPA co-workers, I realized I was in the wrong field of work.  However, I do believe that my Type-A personality (hey, I can't deny it) that drove me to be a CPA, helps me stay organized for my clients!

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I have my Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University, and have been working with clients in my private practice, Press Start Nutrition, since early 2016. Additionally, I am a Precision Nutrition (PN1) certified nutrition coach.  Precision Nutrition is a graduate level, in-depth certification that covers both the nutritional science and nutritional practice of sport and exercise nutrition. I am also a certified prenatal health coach and love working with mamas to be as well as new mamas. My prenatal health coaching certification is through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I was formerly a personal trainer, so I understand the connection between nutrition and fitness firsthand.  I am always furthering my nutrition education by enrolling in classes and workshops and try to keep up on the current nutrition research. Finally, as I mentioned, I graduated from Emory University’s business school with my BBA and got my CPA shortly after.  


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I have now left the "big apple" and live in the Mitten state with my husband and our fur baby Claudette (see picture below), a son growing in my belly (due Sept 2019) and a large collection of nut butters.  My hobbies include cooking, eating, recipe creation (obviously), exercise in almost all forms except swimming, traveling, and spending time with my family.  


my food philosophies:

I strive to make nutritious eating easy, delicious and accessible to everyone! 

Healthy eating should be:

  • Delicious

  • Simple

  • Maintainable with YOUR lifestyle

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