One-on-one Nutrition Counseling

Individual nutrition counseling is best for those looking to make long-lasting health changes to the way they feel and look and want to learn more about nutrition and how it fits into their lifestyle.  Whether your goals are related to body composition, energy levels, digestive health, maintaining healthy habits with a busy schedule, I will tailor our sessions to your needs. Also great for those who feel they want face to face guidance and accountability. Contact me with any questions or to schedule your sessions!

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before we start

I consider your:

  • Lifestyle & schedule
  • Eating habits & cooking abilities
  • Medical status & history
  • Physical activity level
  • Social environment 
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  • Personal goals
  • Proper nourishment
  • Physical activity
  • Grocery shopping skills
  • Time-saving meal prep hacks
  • Tracking progress
  • Much more! 
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There are plenty of myths, fads, and confusing, contradictory theories out there about what it means to eat "healthy" and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to healthy eating.  This is why I take out the thinking, confusion, and hassle for you and do all the work! All you have to do is be willing to learn and eat :) 

Nutrition Counseling Information & Options:

  • Each session is 45-minutes
  • Best for those that don't want the structure of a meal plan OR want to take their meal plans to the next level
  • Learn the WHYs about healthy eating so you can do it yourself & have the accountability to stay on track!
  • Track progress & change in a measurable way so you KNOW you're achieving your goals
  • Available in person and remotely via phone call or video chat


Bundle your nutrition counseling with a meal plan & SAVE BIG! See bundle options below: